Doctoral Thesis

For those who are interested, my doctoral thesis can now be downloaded from the Science tab.

Productivity App released

I created a cross-platform task based Pomodoro timer and productivity manager called 3PM. Get it at - so you, too, can leave the office every day by 3 p.m.!

Snowboarding/Skiing Gallery

Fresh for winter 2017/2018! Check out the exciting new snowboarding&skiing gallery with some shots from the last couple of years as well as from this season. Look for it in the photo collections or just click here.

Paragliding Italy, Summer 2017

Be sure you don't miss some brand new shots in the paragliding & aerial views gallery from a hike & fly trip through Italy in August 2017.

Barons of Trails Munich BMX/MTB Dirt Jam 2017

Check out the new video of the Barons of Trails Munich BMX/MTB Dirt Jam in the videos tab or click here.